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Commissions are available on a limited basis depending on the job desired. For me, these fall into three categories:

Full Site Design ::
I am currently accepting a very limited number of full design commissions. Cost is dependant on the amount of work needing to be done, but my general estimate is $30/hr, with a complete cost somewhere between $700-$1200. Please contact me to see if I currently have a slot open.

Livejournal Layouts ::
Commissions for livejournal layouts are closed. At the moment only close friends are able to request a layout commission. Slots may reopen again in the future, at which time the cost per layout would range between $20-35, depending on complexity. I am unfamiliar with the S2 style system and would only be able to create an S1 style.

Graphics ::
Any requests for graphic work such as banners, headers, and icon/avatars will be filled at my discretion. You will be expected to provide images at least twice the size of the finished image - because I can't work with low quality images. Graphic commissions are generally done using a barter system, meaning no monetary compensation is expected, but there may be other goods or services exchanged. Please contact me if you have any requests, but remember that I may turn you down.

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